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Will they ever really be this small again? Get your portraits taken in Navarre today.

Let's capture memories that last a lifetime.

As a trusted Navarre Photographer, I understand family photography is not just about capturing the perfect pose or getting everyone to smile for the camera – it’s about creating fun memories that will last a lifetime. Family photoshoots are a chance for families to spend quality time together while creating lasting keepsakes. The process can be fun and enjoyable, with laughter and playful moments shared between family members. From silly faces to candid shots, family photography can showcase the unique personalities and dynamic relationships within your family. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a scenic Navarre beach location, family photoshoots allow loved ones to bond and celebrate the special moments in life together. Trusted by dozens of families in Navarre, I would love to capture these memories for you.

Navarre Photographer
Navarre Photographer
Navarre Photographer

YOU ARE WORTH IT | Navarre Photographer

You, your family, and your stories are too beautiful to hide. We provide a safe and comfortable environment for photography in Navarre for you to step in front of the camera and shine.

Hey, nice to meet you. I'm LEXI RUTKOWSKI - Trusted Navarre Photographer

I am a mom, veteran, military spouse, dog lover, adventure-seeker, and deep empath. I am tied to all of the feelings all around me. They color my world! In photography, I try to capture these colors and the raw emotion that comes with it. Tell me your story – all of it. Let’s color your world.

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