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Hi Everyone!

I’m Lexi Rutkowski. (Rut – kuss – key) I am a specialized family Navarre & Mary Esther photographer. My family and photography are what light fires inside of my soul. I have two little ones – Hudson (2) and Lincoln (6). They are my world, and what pushed me into photography. I strive to capture personality, happiness, craziness, and the love engrained in your family in each photograph. I know how fleeting these memories seem – of the tiny little ones wrapped in your arms that just keep seeming to get bigger and bigger with each breath you take. Photographs help you hold that breath a little longer. They help you look back, 30 years from now, and feel that breath once again. Together, we’ll capture the memories that we are all desperately trying to hold onto.

Ready to Capture Memories?

Why are Mary Esther & Navarre Portraits Important?

In the coastal town of Mary Esther, the Martins cherished their yearly tradition: capturing their family’s journey through portraits with a beloved local photographer. These snapshots weren’t mere pictures but woven tapestries, holding the warmth of their family bond. As years passed, the portraits became a visual memoir, preserving their growth, love, and resilience. Through life’s ups and downs, those images stood as a beacon of hope and unwavering love, skillfully crafted by their cherished Mary Esther photographer. Each portrait whispered their story, immortalizing moments of laughter, love, and unity for generations to come.

Family portraits in Mary Esther are more than just photos; they’re a timeless investment in your family’s story. These snapshots capture more than just smiles; they freeze moments that tell your unique tale. They’re an opportunity to create a visual legacy, preserving the essence of your family’s journey. As the years unfold, these portraits become cherished artifacts, weaving together the chapters of your lives—the growth, the love, the shared adventures—all frozen in time by a skilled Mary Esther Photographer and Navarre photographer. Don’t miss out on these portraits; they’re not just images but treasures that narrate the beautiful story of your family’s bond, ready to be passed down and cherished for generations to come.

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