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Mom of 2 | Gulf Breeze Photography

Shoutout to all you moms of two (and more!) Wear that like your best badge of honor. I don’t know where you find the energy!! (Lots of coffee, I’m guessing…)

These crazy kids were running around the beach constantly during this shoot. I was so grateful to be a part of their fun!

It really makes you want to go inside the mind of a child. The fascination of sand, the way they view the world – it’s all so innocent and pure. Imagine seeing the sand as not just something that aggressively clings to your skin and gets in every corner of your floor mats…. but instead soft tiny grains waiting to be built into something amazing; waiting for you to run your fingers through again and again; waiting for you leave your mark. A slide isn’t just a hot piece of plastic- but instead a gateway to wonderland. Having no fear of the cold water. No worries for what is to come – only living in what’s here and now.

Enjoy a glimpse into wonderland.

Gulf Breeze Photography

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